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UnTuK PenGGuNa Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer. In Internet Explorer go to: Tools -> Internet Options
2. Cari "General" tab, Klik "Settings" untuk ker bahagian Temporary Internet files
3. Klik "View Files"
4. Maka Keluarlah list file kat dalam "Temporary Internet Files" . 
Pastu..Search for cookies: 
or yieldmanager.net
 and delete them. It's content.yieldmanager.com in our case. 

NOTE:Jika tak dapat mengenali mana satu yang perlu dideletekan, clear all sumer yang ada kat folder nie... 

 # Kat  "General" tab, klik "Delete" under Browsing History in the "Internet Options" dialog box. 
 # In the "Delete Browsing History" dialog box, click to clear all of the check boxes except for the Cookies  check box.
 # Click "Delete".
5.Close that window.
6. To access Internet Explorer's cookie options, select Tools -> Options -> Privacy tab. Then click on "Sites" button

7. Type in yieldmanager.com and click "Block" button. Perlu Juga add  yieldmanager.net to the list. 
Now both domain names should be listed in the "Managed websites" list. 

8. Click "OK" to save the changes. That's it!
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